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Caitlin Croley

Student Profile
Department: Social Sciences
Program: Political Science

Graduation Year: 2018
Extra-Curricular Activities: Club Unity (President), SGA (Past President), College Democrats (President), Writing Center tutor
Hometown/state or country: Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Q: Why Flagler?

A: Flagler is the total package for me. It’s small, but it’s full of opportunity. It’s allowed me to find my passions and truly find out who I am. Also, it’s located in the perfect spot, just far enough away from Pennsylvania. Ultimately, Flagler has such a strong community that makes me feel like I’m at home and like I have a family.

Student Caitlin Croley in front of Ponce Hall


Q: How was your adjustment coming from home to Flagler?

A: Being 15 hours away from home, at first I was nervous out of my mind and immediately wanted to go home. But by the end of orientation week, I was hooked and never wanted to leave. It’s hard to adjust to being on your own, but for me, getting involved really helped make that transition. Getting involved in clubs and organizations on campus made me feel like I had a place on campus and made me feel like I really belonged.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I enjoy taking the lovely walk through town to Kookaburra (Café) for a latte. I also enjoy attending club functions and meetings, and really getting involved in the Flagler community. When I’m not dedicating time to clubs and organizations or stuck in the library, I like the occasional trip to the beach, a movie or going out to dinner with my friends. 

Student Caitlin Croley looking over shoulder while smiling.

Q: Do you have a secret study spot?

A: The garden behind the Crisp-Ellert Art museum.

Q: What’s your dream job?

A: My ultimate dream job would be Solicitor General. My secondary dream job would be a U.S. Senator. And my realistic dream job would be a civil rights attorney and ultimately running for office someday.

Q: What is your favorite on-campus office to visit?

A: My favorite on-campus office to visit is the office of student services – regardless of whose office I’m visiting while there. 

Student Caitlin Croley in front of background of green leaves.
Leaving her home in Pennsylvania wasn’t easy. But for first-generation college student Caitlin Croley, diving headfirst into student activities made all the difference.