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Brittany Bertazon

Student Profile
Department: Art & Design
Program: Art History

Bertazon, an art history major and fine art, graphic design, and film studies minor has a diverse range of academic interests and appreciates Flagler’s varied course offerings as well as the chance it offers her to simultaneously minor in such a range of subjects.

“Every semester there is a new minor, class, study abroad trip, or even department building added that has never before been available,” she says. “It is important to be somewhere that is in a constant state of academic flux, continuously evolving and growing just as I do during my journey here at Flagler College.”

Brittany’s description of her recent coursework emphasizes the melding of her distinct interests: “I just finished my artist recreation project and master copies of a selection of photographs from Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills for my Art History III class. By recreating an artist’s work, the process, materials, technologies, intention, and context of the original artwork become clearer for an analytical interpretation.” She also turned in a 15-page magazine spread for her final project in graphic design. It was devoted entirely to innovative, contemporary art.

Brittany is considering graduate school following graduation but would like to complete an internship or two within the museum setting, particularly modern or contemporary art museums before then.

“I am currently planning on studying abroad in London next summer while completing an internship with a gallery or museum in the area. I want to dive deeper into all areas of what I am studying now,” she says.

Although she has no concrete plan for the future at the moment, Brittany hopes to make art and graphic art, write film critiques or analytic articles for magazines, and eventually earn a PhD and become a college professor once she has explored all of her career possibilities, of which she has many.

She adds, “The ultimate goal is to eventually finish where it all started: in the classroom.”

As an artist, Brittany Bertazon recognizes the importance of growth, change, and diversity. That's why she joined Flagler's uniquely diverse art department.