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Wayne Riggs

Faculty Profile
Department: Humanities
Program: History

History professor Wayne Riggs specializes in Modern European History at Flagler College and recently accepted the position as chair of the humanities department.

Riggs is a researcher for the Children in Urban America Project, a program to compile an online database of resources relating to children's history in Milwaukee. He is also a member of the American Historical Association, the North American Conference on British Studies, and received the Schultz Foundation Research Fellowship in 2008.

Professor Riggs’ research interests focus on the role of religion in the evolution of social structures and national identities.

In addition to his research, Riggs also serves as Coordinator of the Flagler College history program. In 2012 he, along with history professor Michael Butler, led a study abroad to Northern Ireland, Scotland and England to provide students an immersive exploration of the strained relationship between Ireland and Great Britain. 

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Wayne Riggs
Professor Wayne Riggs steps up as the new chair of the humanities department.