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Tracey Eaton

Faculty Profile
Department: Communication

Since 1983, Tracey Eaton has been involved in journalism and photography for several big-name newspapers and publications. He has written for the Miami Herald, served as the metropolitan editor at the Houston Chronicle, and currently writes for Miami-based CubaNews, Madrid-based Cubaencuentro and other publications. 

Eaton brings his extensive experience and knowledge to campus as well. In 2012 he was part of The Flagler College Community Lecture Series in which he discussed his time immediately after 9/11 in Afghanistan where he followed Northern Alliance troops as they pursued the Taliban. In class, Eaton teaches classes on magazine writing, photojournalism, and international communication.

Eaton is known around campus for his investigative journalism in Latin America. A former Fulbright Scholar, he carried out a field study on myths and legends of Indians in the jungle. In 2013, the Florida Society of News Editors awarded him with a first-place award in feature writing for his 2012 story on Cuban spy Juan Pablo Roque.

Eaton is also passionate about raising awareness around campus for those who have suffered community disasters. Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Eaton taught classes barefoot to bring awareness to the disater. He also printed t-shirts with “Teach Barefoot for Haiti written across them.

On top of his work as a college professor, Eaton has additionally appeared in dozens of radio and television interviews with National Public Radio, the Jeff Rense Show, Voice of America, KERA in Dallas and others. 

Communication professor Tracey Eaton continues a successful career of investigative journalism and reporting.