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Steve Voguit

Faculty Profile
Department: Humanities
Program: Public History

Excerpt from the 2012 Princeton Review, "The Best 300 Professors" edition.

Professor Voguit’s students are well aware that, after forty-two years of teaching,
he genuinely cares about them as people, not as just as moldable minds. His
high energy, high-passion teaching works well for students whose “switch is on,”
and they return the compliment: “He is funny, caring, smart, articulate, passionate…the list goes on and on. He loves his students and you will love him back!”

He teaches surveys in American History and Human Geography, which is
a study of what humans have done on the surface of the earth, as well as Oral
History, Intro to Public History, and Immigration History; these subjects have
been his life’s work right from his undergraduate days. He makes a sincere
effort to make the material “relevant, interesting, and engaging,” with lectures
including technology, "film, higher-order thinking assignments, and out-of-the
classroom experiences. Sometimes he’ll have students take a look at a historical
event and then write a paper that explains what happened but alters something
in the account, then speculates on how history would have been different had
this change occurred. “His lectures don’t feel like lectures at all,” says a student.
He also is linked to an art professor (who is a close friend), and the two collaborate on creative projects for their students, such as a recent silhouette project for which students created black silhouettes of individual characters from an era of history that were then placed around campus for an art walk. “He is always there for you no matter what you need help on. I can’t wait to take more of his classes!” says a student.

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Steve Voguit, who teaches history and geography at Flagler College, wants to be the type of professor he wanted his own children to have.