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Sarah Tarbett

Alumni Profile

Degree: Sport Management

By Leslie Lalonde

When tens of thousands of fans show up at a Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game on Sunday, it is Flagler alumna Sarah Tarbett who is in charge of making sure they have a great experience at Everbank Field.

As the guest services manager for the Jaguars, Tarbett has relations with thousands of people, some of them working directly under her. “The fans are only here for 10 days each year, and we want to make sure all of guest services are on the same page,” said Tarbett.

Tarbett traveled from northern Virginia down to the Sunshine State after falling in love with St. Augustine. She got her degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration and a specialization in fitness management at Flagler before launching her career with the Jaguars.

Her main responsibility as guest services manager is to create and implement all programs for team members to deliver a consistent experience to guests.

 “We make sure we have the correct message and everyone is uniform in their message, considering the many different organizations who come together to make game day happen,” she said. “This is done with the service philosophy and acronym ‘BE GREAT.’”

In 2009, Tarbett landed a “game day” internship when she called doing research for another class. “If you take your time and put effort into it, you’ll get so much more out of it,” she said in reference to how she landed her first internship at Flagler with the Jaguars. After her first game-day experience, Tarbett went back to help for the next two years.

“Being at a game is just like having 67,000 of your closest friends over for a big party to cheer on your team,” she said. “Just add two pools and the largest video boards in the world. But seriously, it's an incredible, indescribable feeling to be a part of the excitement on game day.”

She has a game day staff of 80 working directly for her, while 3,000 more work doing various tasks like ticketing, ushering and working concession stands.

Tarbett does have some advice for those still working towards completing college: “It’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself,” she said. “If you do something you thoroughly enjoy you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

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sarah tarbett
Sarah 'created herself' during her time at Flagler, now she's creating a great game day experience for Jaguars fans