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Madeline Krouse

Alumni Profile

Flagler alum Madeline Krouse (’13) loves museums and all things old. Soon that passion, pursued as a professional career, will be the title of her graduate degree — a master of arts in teaching in museum education.

The appeal of transforming her interest into a lifelong vocation developed at Flagler.

“I took an independent study with Dr. (Kelly) Enright that focused on teaching in museums and was excited by what I was learning,” Krouse said. “It was at that point that I decided I wanted to pursue museum education.”

The History major graduated with a minor in Public History and Political Science and began graduate studies last year at The George Washington University, in the nation’s capitol.

“The program at GWU is very unique in its approach and the fact that D.C. is home to so many amazing museums makes it a wonderful place to study and practice in,” Krouse said.

As part of the program, she has studied museums as institutions, different types of museum audiences, educational theory, informal education techniques and aspects like evaluation and fundraising. She is also in the process of fulfilling the program’s two-internships requirement — one at Alice Deal Middle School and another at the National Building Museum, both located in the city.

“In the fall, I interned at the middle school and worked in a 7th grade social studies classroom,” Krouse said. “I prepared a field trip to the Natural History Museum and the lessons that corresponded to the trip. In total, 450 students participated in my trip and lessons.”

This spring she is interning at the National Building Museum, working with middle school students who are participating in the semester-long “CityVision” program, an award-winning outreach program that teaches students how to become active participants in their communities.

“I lead a team of 10 students through the lessons and in the end they will present a final project that will incorporate all of their new skills,” she said.  “Students learn about city planning, technical drawing, scale, and other skills used by architects and designers. Working at the National Building Museum has been a fantastic opportunity for me and I enjoy being there immensely.”

Both of her internships, she said, have provided a well-rounded view of working in the museum world. After completing her degree in July, Krouse hopes to secure a full-time museum education job. 

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madline krouse
For Madeline, teaching and history go hand in hand, and her studies at Flagler perfectly prepared her for the future.