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Loren Cate

Alumni Profile

I started out a Flagler College believing that I wanted to pursue a career in television production. In order to fulfill my prerequisite requirements I enrolled in a political theory class with Dr. Brenda Kauffman and very soon changed to a political science major. I completely fell in love with the field and dedicated almost all of my time to reading our assignments along with books that all of that political science professors suggested.

During my time at Flagler I was also a member of the women’s soccer team and served as captain during my senior year. I always found the balance of being a student athlete to be exciting, despite the challenges and time constraints presented. In fact, some of my most valued accomplishments, including the Distinguished Student Award for the political science department at Flagler, were presented to me by the incredible faculty and staff at Flagler College.  To say that my time at Flagler was enhanced by the social sciences faculty at Flagler would be an understatement. They continuously offered me guidance and challenged me with engaging courses and research projects, including an independent study project that would eventually become the basis for my master’s thesis!

After graduating from Flagler I was accepted to the Master of Philosophy in International Peace Studies program at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. I studied in Ireland from 2013 to the fall of 2014 when I completed my master’s degree and drafted the final version of my master’s dissertation titled, “Searching for a principle of humanity in international humanity in international criminal tribunals; international humanitarian law and human rights law”. I believe that my future is in helping people and I consider it my life’s goal to apply all that I have learned through my educational endeavors in a professional setting that provides compassionate and effective assistance to anyone who has suffered as a result of conflict.

I truly believe that my life would not have taken the same path if I had not enrolled in that first political theory class. From those introductory courses to the 400-level courses offered at Flagler, I can honestly say that Flagler sent me fully prepared to enter independent research courses at the graduate level. I would encourage any incoming student at Flagler to explore the political science department and all that this incredible department offers!

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loren cate
Loren Cate came to Flagler with a career in mind, but all that changed after one Political Theory class, and now, she's changing lives.