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Kat D'Elia

Alumni Profile
Department: Art & Design
Program: Fine Arts

As a fine art major at Flagler College, Kathryn D’Elia was known for creating works that pushed boundaries and explored unusual thinking. Her “Spock” series of paintings, for example, exemplified Kat’s analysis of her own struggle to reconcile the emotional, “human” side of her personality with the need to be intellectual and rational in a results-oriented world. “With the Spock series,” she said. “I was looking at how we sometimes embrace logic in order to escape our human limits.”

Now the Flagler alumna, currently a graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle, is escaping more limits than ever before. A North Florida native, Kat struck out for the adventure of Seattle after making a commitment to “try new things, experiment.”

“Graduate school is about exploring new ideas,” she said. “By grad school, many fine artists are no longer slaves to skill. In other words, we have accomplished a certain technical ability, but now it’s time to explore conceptual thinking and look at new ways to create imagery. It’s very exciting.”

In addition to new teaching duties as an undergraduate drawing instructor, Kat is developing a fresh body of work in preparation for her upcoming thesis show. The new paintings feature thicker oil paints than her previous pieces and represent an exciting evolution in her artistic style. “I’m starting to get comfortable with what I’m putting together for my thesis,” she said. “I’m making it my own.”

And Kat said this is easy to do, thanks to the fine art degree she earned at Flagler College. “Some of the other graduate students I’ve met here have been from very big, famous schools, including Dartmouth and Notre Dame,” she said. “But among them, I have felt very well-prepared. The education I received at Flagler totally stands up to all of them.”

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Kat Delia
As a fine art major at Flagler, Kathryn D’Elia was known for creating works that pushed boundaries and explored unusual thinking.