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Student Sarah Espinosa smiling in front of a white background of a wall.
Flagler student Sarah Espinosa doesn’t have to look far for inspiration during her studies. She’s got the Castillo de San Marcos national monument, the Atlantic Ocean and local neighborhoods within her reach.
Student Samba Diop in soccer jersey on soccer field.
When not playing in soccer matches for the men’s soccer team, international student Samba Diop can be found studying the latest trends in technology, heading to the beach or playing mini-golf.
Student Caitlin Croley in front of background of green leaves.
Leaving her home in Pennsylvania wasn’t easy. But for first-generation college student Caitlin Croley, diving headfirst into student activities made all the difference.
Photo of student Paige Armstrong in red Flagler College t-shirt in front of green background.
When I’m not doing schoolwork or working, I’m either volunteering or catching up on my sleep. I’m lucky to find both my job and my school activities fun!


Sally Blake
An awesome—and awestruck—professor.
Carl Williams
Carl Williams is one of Flagler’s most distinguished and hardworking professors in the education department.
Tracey Eaton
Communication professor Tracey Eaton continues a successful career of investigative journalism and reporting.
Art Vanden Houten
Social sciences professor Art Vanden Houten has been serving Flagler College since 1997 and is known campus-wide as one of Flagler’s most thoughtful and inspiring professors.
Calvin Hunter
Professor Calvin Hunter teaches power and poise inside and outside of the classroom.
Terri Seron
Professor Terri Seron steps up as chair of new Department of Natural Sciences.
Wayne Riggs
Professor Wayne Riggs steps up as the new chair of the humanities department.
Jim Wilson
English professor James Wilson adds “The Encyclopedia of Epic Films” to his list of publications.
Dr. Natalie Stephenson
Natalie Stephenson, Graphic Design Instructor
Patrick Moser
Patrick Moser is an award winning video artist and painter who exhibits his work regionally, nationally and internationally.
Tracey Upchurch
Associate Professor of Law and History Tracy Upchurch is one of Flagler’s most active professors, on and off campus.
Carrie Grant Math Professor
Associate Professor of Math and Technology Carrie Grant’s focus is on what she calls discovery-based learning, and more and more it is thanks to the use of technology in the classroom.
Professor Emily Splane
For Dr. Emily Splane, one meal’s leftovers were added proof that portion sizes are out of control and Americans are eating too much.
Professor Felix Livingston
Livingston stepped down from his position as chair to pour his energy into a new Flagler program: a minor called Honorable Entrepreneurship.
faculty profile picture
Steve Voguit, who teaches history and geography at Flagler College, wants to be the type of professor he wanted his own children to have.
Justin Forbes
There is one item on Justin Forbes’ desk.


Kat Delia
As a fine art major at Flagler, Kathryn D’Elia was known for creating works that pushed boundaries and explored unusual thinking.
Luke Zerra
When Luke Zerra graduated from Flagler College, he was faced with a tough choice. Three different graduate schools were in pursuit, each offering full tuition and teaching assistantships.
Kiara Sanchez - Art and Design
Growing up in Jacksonville, Fla., Kiara Sanchez was always attracted to the small town of St. Augustine and its art scene.
Mary Hickox '15
Theatre arts graduate Mary Hickox earns a national scholarship for her hard work and dedication to theatre.
Carlos Fernandez
“I think a willingness to learn is a quality that’s necessary…just being able to not only work with material but take the material home, be able to discuss it, be able to try to understand it, and debate with other people as to what it is.”
Ashley Mederos
When Ashley Mederos, ’99, went to work for Firehouse Subs at their Jacksonville headquarters back in 2006, she had no idea she was planting the Flagler flag in the sandwich company.
Zach McKenna
Alumni Zach McKenna, ’97, and wife Gracie, ‘98, are using their business skills every day to educate people on the importance of the area’s marine estuaries.
Ryan Dettra
Ryan Dettra, ‘00, has spent the past three and a half years transforming a historic building in St. Augustine into the area’s hottest new attraction, The St. Augustine Distillery.
Johan Schwartz
Johan Schwartz, ‘93, has built a business around his passion for racing, and now even has a world record to go with it.
Grant Terry
With a father in the military, Grant Terry, ‘14, grew up with a passion for aviation. Now Terry has turned that love into a career with one of the top defense contractors in the world.
Kyle Jennette
Kyle Jennette, ‘11, was a research scholar at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, working with an experienced clinical neuropsychologist, when the patient came in through the ER.
Josep Ponset Trenchs
When Josep Ponset Trenchs moved back to his hometown of Barcelona, Catalonia, after graduating from Flagler College in 2006, he traded in the sand of St. Augustine beaches for that of a soccer pitch.
Ashley Ryan
Ryan turned a scriptwriting project into a second round entry at the Austin Film Festival.
Adam Anderson, Flagler College graduate
Student earned degree before being called up for duty in Afghanistan
Ian Waterhouse, Flagler College graduate
Flagler grad finds career at happiest place on Earth
Alumnus- Laura Kammerman
Laura Kammerman, ’14, says it was her dad that got her into superheroes when she was just a little girl. Now, the Flagler College alumna is helping bring them to life as a video intern at Marvel Entertainment.
Alumnus- Kevin Smith
Flagler alumnus leads Outback Bowl to success as chairman
Jessica Lidh
A fictional tale of a Swedish family’s unraveling secrets began with one Flagler grad’s unlikely creative muse: an antique rotary phone.
Matthew Armstrong
A Q&A with History alum, Matthew Armstrong
loren cate
Loren Cate came to Flagler with a career in mind, but all that changed after one Political Theory class, and now, she's changing lives.
madline krouse
For Madeline, teaching and history go hand in hand, and her studies at Flagler perfectly prepared her for the future.
dan eyman
Dan Eyman used his degree in graphic design to land a job on popular comedy video site “Funny or Die.”
sarah tarbett
Sarah 'created herself' during her time at Flagler, now she's creating a great game day experience for Jaguars fans
trevor worley
Trevor Worley has taken his passion for filmmaking to another world and his short film, Martian American, is a clear departure from what he's done before.
Brian Killingsworth
After 10 years in the marketing department of the Tampa Bay Rays, Brian Killingsworth ’00 left baseball for the gridiron with the St. Louis Rams.
Kathleen Quillian
For most of her youth, it was the sport of soccer that roused senior Kathleen Quillian’s passion in life. But in the fall of 2011, during a Flagler soccer team practice drill, she badly injured her left knee — derailing a future in soccer and crushing her
Andrew Bernius (right) with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson at the White House Correspondents Dinner
Andrew Bernius, ’08, spends his days quite literally shining a light on the inner workings of Washington politics — as a broadcast technician for C-SPAN.
Alexa Epitropoulos
For Flagler alum Alexa Epitropoulos, her hard work ethic and love of journalism has earned her a trove of accolades and a full-time job as a digital producer — even before she graduated this past spring.
Jessica Scott
When Jessica Armytage Scott, ’04, couldn’t find the answers she was looking for to help her deaf and hard of hearing students, she delved into research to find solutions.
Jason Baer
You would never guess Public Administration alum Jason Baer (’14) didn’t always want to be a fireman after looking at all of his achievements.
Marilyn Murray
When Marilyn de Guehery Murray, ’08, graduated from Flagler College, she made a conscious decision to buck the system.
Molly Walker
Molly Walker loved art and design during her high school days in the late 1980s, but she didn’t find it prudent to make a career out of it — that is, until the arrival of the technology age.
Joe Riley
Joe Riley ’ s passion for defending those who can ’ t defend themselves stems from his desire to protect one specific group of vulnerable individuals.
Brown proflie
A Q&A with History Alum, Megan Brown
Natalie Karas Profile
A Q&A with History Alum, Natalie Karas
Alumnus Chris Martin
As guest services coordinator for the Houston Astros, Chris Martin, ’15, is able to pursue his passion in sports while giving back to others.
Dani Gwiazda
When education alumnae Dani Gwiazda recognized the need for a pre-k program that better prepared young student for kindergarten, she created one.
Almunae Margaret Fenwick
Flagler alumna Margaret Fenwick’s dogged determination to achieve her dream job of working for the United Nations landed her at the forefront of the climate change issue in the fall of 2015 — at COP21, the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.
Alum Alan Monroe
Flagler alumnus Alan Monroe's passion for giving back to international communities led him to ShelterBox USA, which sends boxes of essentials to survivors in areas affected by natural disasters.
Caulene Hudson
Since graduating in April of 2013, I have worked as a teaching artist at B'Nai B'Rith Perlman Camp in Lake Como, PA
Hunter Miller holds megaphone as he leads crowd of peaceful protestors.
In environmental activism, you don't win a lot. But defeat has never stopped St. Augustine activist Hunter Miller, who understands that the ones you do win count big.
Adolfo Gunther
Just a year after graduation Adolfo Guerrero Gunther is excelling in the world of soccer.


Michelle Holland
Michelle Holland, Director of Residence Life
Tara Stevenson
Tara Stevenson, Director of Career Development Center
Julie Dickover
Julie Dickover, Director of the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum