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Flagler College - An Unparalleled Value

Flagler College's Parent Handbook


"You know you have a perfect fit when your son calls you after several lectures to tell you how excited he is about what he just learned."

Monica Stein
Virginia Beach, VA

"Flagler College continues to consider me a part of their "family" 35 years after graduating; a claim that my daughter, Stephanie, can attest to as a 2007 graduate herself."

Russ Brule '79
Alumni Board Member
Lakeville, MA

“Our son knew from the moment he stepped foot on campus that this was the college for him and now a year later, we all are sure he made the right decision. His wonderful experience inspired us to get involved with the PLC to help get the word out about this outstanding institution. We have experienced firsthand what our son has --that Flagler is a special place filled with extraordinary people who are truly dedicated to developing the whole student. We are grateful to have found such a college.”

Kim and Jon Wheeler,
Parents Leadership Council Members and Board of Trustee (Kim)
Virginia Beach, VA

Flagler College Parents

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