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Dr. Kauffman's Lecture Synopsis

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Dr. Brenda KauffmanCivil Disobedience Theory and its Role in History

A fundamental characteristic of civil disobedience theory is that an appeal to the conscience of civil society can inspire profound and fundamental changes to policies and norms that allow for injustices to persist. From the Greek tragedian Sophocles to Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi and Martin Luther King the notion that morality and integrity are powerful tools for change has resounded across the ages. In an effort to harness power for just and humane purposes extraordinary individuals have inspired generations to keenly criticize the exercise of authority in their societies and to prudently resist wrongs, discriminations, and prejudices quite often in the face of great peril.

Recommended Reading

Antigone by Sophocles,  Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King's letter from a Birmingham Jail and some various pieces by Ghandi.