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Moser chosen for Dutch art festival

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May 19, 2014

A selection by Flagler College Associate Professor of Art Patrick Moser has been chosen for the 2014 Urban Explorers Festival in the Netherlands.

The event is an international festival of music and new media that features concerts, performances and exhibitions from a range of subjects.

Moser’s piece, “Digging and Riding,” is a piece of video art that will be part of “By the Sweat of Your Brow,” an exhibition curated around the idea of labor.

“In my work I explore gesture, repetition and the intentional misuse of tools,” explained Moser. “Video art is truly an international medium, almost its own international language, and I am just flattered to participate in the conversation.”

The Urban Explorers Festival will take place on June 7 in Dordrecht, located in South Holland.

Patrick Moser's "Digging and Riding"

A still from Patrick Moser's "Digging and Riding"