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Environmental Science students present research from trip to Bahamas

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Students and faculty who took part in a Study Abroad trip to Bahamas presented their research today at a special event with James Babcock who helped fund the program.

Sept. 26, 2013

Students who took part in a Study Abroad trip to Bahamas as part of Flagler College’s Environmental Science program presented their research today at a special event.

Recent Flagler graduate Emily Thomson was a member of the group that traveled to the islands this past summer. The course was the last of her Flagler academic career and her involvement in the program led her to pursue a career in the field.

“The great thing about this program is that you can really get into so many fields of science through this angle,” said Thomson. “It will help open up so many doors for you to do really great science.”

Thomson recently began working with Anastasia Mosquito Control helping to study the insects and their effects in the state.

Flagler launched the new Environmental Science major this past fall in an effort to take advantage of the sprawling marshes and waterways that surround the Northeast Florida coastline. The goal is to let students take advantage of all the research and educational resources throughout the area while getting a broad understanding of diverse environmental issues.

The Study Abroad trip to the Bahamas was partially funded by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. James Babcock, who were also in attendance at the event. The Babcocks have pledged $100,000 to endow the James W. Babcock and B. Teri Ludwick-Babcock Scholarship for study abroad.

“I’m extraordinarily happy at their results,” said James Babcock, who also owns St. Augustine restaurant, The Tasting Room. “It’s a great start for the major and it’s wonderful to see what the students have done.”

Babcock said he hopes to be able to continue the Study Abroad course next year in Bermuda.