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Flagler to host social theory conference

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The International Social Theory Consortium (ISTC) will hold its annual social theory conference at Flagler College May 17-19.

The theme of the conference is “Theory and Politics: Between the Globalization of Modernity and Struggles for Freedom and Change.” The conference focuses on the tensions between two dimensions of social theory: social theory as an academic discourse with analytical intent and theory as a form of political action. The goal is to highlight the position of social theory between theory construction as a social-scientific practice that is both normatively oriented and historically self-reflexive and progressive politics as it is inspired by the prospect of human liberation and social transformation.

Scholars from diverse disciplines will discuss, criticize, and develop theory in philosophy, sociology, political science, history and literature. The conference scholars will also approach social theory and the conference theme from a variety of approaches: classical and contemporary social theory; critical theory; literary methods and the interpretive tradition; depth hermeneutics and analysis; the performativity aspects of public life; media power and image magic; psychoanalytic method; phenomenology; hermeneutics and critical hermeneutics; epistemologies and philosophies of knowledge; Asian philosophies and methods; Socrates, Plato, and the Greeks today, political anthropology; reflexive historical sociology and more.

The conference was organized by the ISTC 2012 Organizing Committee whose members include representatives from Flagler College, the University of Tennessee, University College of Cork, Ireland and the University of North Florida.

For more information contact Mel Barber at or visit the conference website at