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National expert on public-private partnerships speaks at Flagler

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Len Gilroy, one of the nation’s foremost experts on contracting and public-private partnerships spoke at Flagler College Sept. 18, addressing an audience of several dozen public managers and public service professionals representing local governments across the Northeast Florida region.

Gilroy, Director of Government Reform at the Reason Foundation, has advised governors, state lawmakers, local officials across America and is often interviewed by the national news media on the topic of public-private partnerships. The topic of his presentation was “Public-Private Partnerships in State and Local Government: Overview and Best Practices.”

"As state and local policymakers and public administrators continue to confront major fiscal challenges and looming debt and retiree benefit obligations, they are increasingly going to need to find new and creative ways to partner with the private sector to serve the public benefit,” said Gilroy. “Public-private partnerships alone cannot solve governments' fiscal problems, but they can be a powerful tool in the policy toolkit to help governments finance infrastructure assets, drive down public service delivery costs, deploy innovative technology and much, much more."

The event was sponsored by the Public Administration Program at Flagler College and the Government Services Partnership Institute of Jacksonville.

“It was an excellent opportunity for our students, alumni, agency partners and community leaders to access the experience and knowledge of a nationally recognized expert on an important tool of public management,” said Dr. Joe Saviak, Associate Professor of Public Administration at Flagler College.

The Public Administration Program at Flagler College serves working professionals employed in local and state government with one hundred and eighty three students representing four dozen different agencies across seven counties in our region. The Government Services Partnership Institute is a national public policy organization headquartered in Jacksonville, which advises state and local governments on improving service, reducing costs, and providing much needed infrastructure through partnerships with the private sector.