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Flagler professor offers expertise on rhinos on BBC radio program

October 24, 2017 3:31 PM
Enright book cover
Dr. Kelly Enright shared research published in her 2007 book "Rhinoceros" on BBC Radio.

Flagler professor Dr. Kelly Enright was recently featured on a BBC Radio program that explored the history of the relationship between man and the water-loving rhinoceros.

In the segment titled “Natural Histories: Rhinoceros,” Enright, assistant professor of History, specifically addressed the history of human understandings and cultural representations of the mammal. In 2007, her book, simply titled “Rhinoceros,” chronicled the interactions between humans and rhinos and explained how hunting practices led to the animal’s status as an endangered species.

“This much maligned animal has gotten a bad reputation and because of apathy for their conservation, their numbers are increasingly declining,” she said. “Poaching has been the worst in the past two years than in all of history. Understanding them and their history better will promote efforts to save them and challenge people’s perceptions of the creature itself.”

The BBC program can be streamed here, and will be available for download for 30 days.