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Board of Trustees approves new major and minor

February 26, 2015 4:49 PM

Flagler students will have more academic options this fall, thanks to the recent approval of a new major in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a new minor in Management Information Systems (MIS).

The Flagler College Board of Trustees approved the additions in February.

The hospitality and tourism major will be housed in the Sport Management department, and requires 61 credit hours while the MIS major is housed in Math and Technology, and requires 15 credit hours. Both are open to all students.

The major and minor have come a long way since last fall, when both had to pass through several stages of approval, including the office of academic affairs, campus curriculum committee, faculty senate and, finally, the Flagler College Board of Trustees.

Chairs of Sport Management and Math and Technology departments articulated the major and minor’s benefits.

“Tourism has long been a driving force in the economy of the state of Florida,” Sport Management Department Chair Dr. Calvin Hunter said. He cited tourism’s foothold in the sunshine state and the need for qualified individuals to manage hotels, resorts and the like as good reasons for students to choose the new major.

To complete the 61-credit major, a student will earn 32 credit hours in hospitality and tourism management courses, along with 12 hours of core courses in business administration, eight hours in a foreign language, six hours in selected liberal arts courses, three hours in sport management and 120 apprenticeship hours in the hospitality industry. 

Graduates with this major will be prepared for entry-level professional positions in guest services management, theme park and attraction management, tourism management, event planning and food services management, and have the foundation for more senior management positions as their careers advance.

As to the minor, students can expect the focus in information systems to complement their primary career field by providing knowledge and hands-on experience with computer technologies.

“The MIS minor is designed to provide students with a solid knowledge foundation and a set of practical skills regarding the application and the management of computer-based information technologies and information systems in organizations,” said Dr. Haiyan Huang, coordinator of computer studies. “As businesses increase the dependence on information technology, it is increasingly important for the labor force to become more computer literate.”

Through the program, students will gain knowledge about emerging information technologies and systems, how information systems are applied to support business strategies and operations and how to develop and implement solutions to address organizational, technical, security and ethical issues of managing information systems. Students will also acquire managerial and technical skills in the areas of managing data and information resources, database applications, analyzing business processes and system requirements, managing projects and developing web applications.

For more information, students should contact Huang at or Dr. Shilpa Balan at for the new minor or Hunter at for the major.