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FAQ- Hurricane Irma

Here are some commonly asked questions that you may find helpful when planning and preparing for Hurricane Irma: 


Returning to Campus

Q. When will Flagler College reopen and resume classes?

A. Flagler College officials have decided to postpone the start of classes until Monday, Sept. 18, at normally-scheduled times. Residence halls are expected to be ready for student arrivals on Saturday, Sept. 16.

Q. When can I return to campus?

A. Residence halls are expected to be ready for student arrivals on Saturday, Sept. 16.

Q. Will it be an excused absence if I cannot make it back in time?

A. The Academic Affairs Office will be lenient on excused absences for students who have difficulties returning to campus. Any student class absences due to the storm will be counted as excused absences, and will not be counted against your overall class attendance.

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Hurricane Recovery

Q. I’d like to volunteer; how can I help? 

A. Flagler College Volunteers is currently working on a plan to coordinate volunteer efforts. As soon as opportunities are available, we will communicate that information with the Flagler College community. Please stay tuned for updates!

Q: Where can I get more information about bridge closures, sorting yard debris, and basically safely cleaning up from the hurricane?

A: The St. Johns County Emergency Management website is the official source for this information. They will be posting useful information on hurricane recovery as they can. Visit here for more information:

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General Questions

Q. Does Flagler College have a hurricane plan?

A. The college has a hurricane plan that sets out preparation procedures, designates responsibilities to Flagler College administrators and outlines courses of action to be followed in response to a possible hurricane landfall in St. Augustine. The execution and direction of the hurricane plan is the responsibility of the Hurricane Crisis Team consisting of key members of the College administration and staff, including the president, Student Services, Security, communications, food services, counseling, health services and others.

Q. Are Flagler College officials working with local emergency management officials?

A. Yes, Flagler College coordinates all decisions with the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management, and college officials are attending regular meetings at the county’s Emergency Operations Center.  

Q. What is a reliable weather source that I can monitor?

A. The National Hurricane Center is the best resource to find accurate and up-to-date forecasts for Hurricane Irma:

Q. How can I get more information from Flagler in emergencies?

A. Sign up for Flagler’s LiveSafe safety app to receive emergency alerts and other security information. Download the LiveSafe app from iTunes or Google Play app stores, signup with your Flagler email and then search for Flagler College. To learn more, visit:

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Hurricane Preparedness

Q. How can I prepare for a hurricane?

A. More information can be found on preparing for hurricanes here:

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College Advisories and communications

Q. How will I be updated on class schedules and campus advisories?

A. Flagler College will publish daily advisories on these communication channels:

• Campus e-mail (for students, faculty and staff)

• Social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Q. How often will we be updated about the hurricane?

A. The Emergency Operations Team is meeting daily, and updates on the status of the hurricane and how it is expected to affect the college will be released on a daily basis.

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Excused Absences

Q. Will there be excused absences if students voluntarily left before class were cancelled?

A. Yes, the College has approved excused absences for all storm-related absences prior to classes being canceled for Thursday to Friday, Sept. 7-16. If students missed any classes due to leaving ahead of the hurricane, we ask that they please email their professors to let them know. 

Q. Will these excused absences be counted against overall class attendance?

A. No, they won’t count against a student’s overall class attendance.

Q. What is the process for excused absences due to hurricane travel?

A. All class absences due to the storm will be excused absences. These absences will not be counted against your overall class attendance. Please contact Academic Affairs.

Learn more about preparing for hurricanes and Flagler College’s hurricane planning by visiting

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