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community lecture series
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Community Lecture Series

2016-17 Flagler College Community Lecture Series

Challenges at the Crossroads: Finding Solutions to Local Issues

Based on Ernest L. Boyer’s work, higher education’s purpose has morphed throughout its 350-year history in the United States.  Additionally, he argues, various countries’ philosophies on its purpose range from “a means to self-development” to “an end in itself”. 

Since the GI Bill of 1944, people have seen the offer of an education as more of a right than a privilege, and its purpose as “equipment for service.” But now, just as when Boyer wrote his special report, Scholarship Reconsidered in 1990, we are facing continuously changing variables, with seemingly no constants, shaping and reshaping the world around us. 

As an institution of higher education, we are a knowledge nucleus nestled in a small, historic town.  A town that is growing, and in some ways, out of our control.  There will be strains, pressures and new challenges to consider.  How can we responsibly apply our knowledge to our surrounding societal context, prove helpful to our local population and institutions, and take our learning, discoveries, exploration and investigations beyond the classroom and into the world – our world of St. Augustine, Florida. 

Fall Semester

Jim Toedtman

Tuesday, September 20

“Finding Solutions to Local Issues: A Citizen’s Toolkit for This Election Year”

Time: 10 a.m. | Place: Solarium

Jim Toedtman


Dr. Joe Saviak

Tuesday, October 11

“Reinventing Local Government for the 21st Century”

Time: 10 a.m. | Place: Solarium

Joe Saviak


Dr. Kurt Sebastian

Tuesday, November 1

"Raising the Mathematical Bar at Flagler College to Address Both Community and Student Needs"

Time: 10 a.m. | Place: Solarium

Kurt Sebastian

Dr. Will Miller

Tuesday, December 6

“’Havac! Havoc! Smyt fast, give gode knocks!’: The Role of Higher Education in the Modern American City”

Time: 10 a.m. | Place: Solarium

Will Miller


Ticket Information

Tickets are $5 per person per lecture or $15 per person per semester. For questions about this series, please contact Tonya Creamer, Event Coordinator, at or (904) 826-8617.