How to find help in Proctor Library

Two Types of Article Indexes
Which article index you use depends upon your topic.

1. General Article Indexes

  •  Is your topic general or cross-disciplinary?
  •  Currently in the news?

If so, start with one of the general online databases. These cover a wide range of subjects and often index a mixture of popular and scholarly sources. This is often a good place to begin your research. Examples of general indexes and the kinds of information they identify are:

Periodical Abstracts
Indexes articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers on a wide range of topics. Most are full text; many provide photographs and/or graphical information.
Provides access to thousands of news, business, legal, and medical publications and information sources, including: newspapers, newsletters, magazines, trade journals, wire services, and broadcast transcripts. The "Nexis" part of this database provides news information updated 24/7, while the "Lexis" part offers premier legal and law-related information (litigation, case laws, law reviews, etc.).
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