How to find help in Proctor Library

Article Indexes

Article indexes (also called periodical indexes) include the citations of articles in magazines, journals and newspapers. The Library holds these indexes in both print and online formats.

Print article indexes are found shelved in the Library's Reference section. They are very useful for researching older materials.

Online Databases purchased by Proctor Library include the same information as print article indexes in an easy-to-use online format. In addition, many online databases contain abstracts or brief summaries of the articles. A few contain the full text or entire content of whole articles as they originally appeared in the periodical. These databases are accessible from the Library Web site. The Library also owns print indexes, good for researching older materials.

Use an Article Index

  • when you want to find articles on your topic in magazines, journals or newspapers

Examples of Article Indexes

  • Proquest (a general online database)
  • MLA Bibliography (an index to articles about literature and language - accessible in print or online)
  • ABI/Inform (a business article index)