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Patricia Griffin, Ph.D.


Description of Research

Patricia C. Griffin Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae, Short Version

Patricia C. Griffin Ph.D.

Education and Prior Experience:

Dr. Griffin is a 62 year resident of Florida. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of California, Berkeley; she holds two M.A. degrees, one from the University of Chicago, the other from the University of Florida; and she earned her doctorate in anthropology at the University of Florida in 1988. She is retired from the faculty of Florida State University.

Present Endeavors:

She now works as an independent scholar in St. Augustine, Florida; writing, publishing, and working on grants. Historical anthropology is her specialty and subjects include community studies, ethnic and racial groups in northeast Florida, plantation histories and their settings, the history of women in St. Augustine and Florida, the history of professional archaeology in the state, and festivals in St. Augustine. Overseas research includes Wales, UK in 1978 and 1981 and Minorca, Spain in 1994 and 1997.

Significant Publications:

Mullet on the Beach: The Minorcans of Florida, 1768-1788. University Press of Florida, 1991.

Richard Aloysius Twine: Photographer of Lincolnville, 1922-1927. Submitted to the University Press of Florida, in revision.

The Odyssey of an African Slave: Sitiki/ Uncle Jack. Under consideration by the University Press of Florida. This work was partially funded by a $10,000 grant from the St. Augustine Foundation through the Historic St. Augustine Research Institute.

Editor of: Fifty Years of Southeastern Archaeology: Selected Works of John W. Griffin. University Press of Florida, 1996.

Note: The above short form does not include the journal articles and book reviews published or the fifteen Cultural Research Management reports completed or video and TV appearances including as a scholar on the History Channel production of "The Conquest of America."