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On the British Period and the Minorcans

Fabel, Robin
 1996 British Rule in the Floridas In The new history of Florida. edited by M. Gannon. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. pp. 134-49.

An overview of British policy and practice in both East and West Florida.

Griffin, Patricia
 1990 Mullet on the Beach:The Minorcans of Florida 1768-1788. St. Augustine: St. Augustine Historical Society. (Volume 27 of El Escribano)

The most up-to date and authoritative treatment of the Minorcan experience in both New Smyrna and in St. Augustine.

Leitch-Wright, John
 1975 British St. Augustine. St. Augustine: Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board.

An accessible and popularly-written synthesis of life in British St. Augustine, by one of the leading scholars of this era.

Manucy, Albert
 1962 The Houses of St. Augustine. St. Augustine Historical Society, St. Augustine, Florida.

Contains well-illustrated discussions of St. Augustine's architecture during the British period.

Schaefer, Daniel
 1983 "...not so gay a Town in America as this..." 1763-1784. In The Oldest City . edited by J. Waterbury. St. Augustine Historical Society, St. Augustine. pp. 91-124

A non-technical, treatment of St. Augustine's British period history by a leading historian of the English in East Florida.

Schaefer, Daniel

 2000 Governor James Grant's Villa: A British East Florida Indigo Plantation , El Escribano, 2002.

St. Augustine Historical Society Records and correspondence present and analyze Grant's successful indigo and rice plantations north of St. Augustine.

Quinn, Jane
 1975 The Minorcans in Florida: Their History and Heritage. St. Augustine: Mission Press. A popular account of the Minorcans in Florida.