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On St. Augustine During the 16th Century

Arnade, Charles
1959 Florida on Trial 1593-1602. Coral Gables: University of Miami Press.

A detail-rich translation and commentary on the trials held to determine St. Augustine's fate in 1602.

Covington, James
1965 Drake destroys St. Augustine. Florida Historical Quarterly 44(1&2):81-93.

An account of Francis Drake's raid on and burning of St. Augustine in 1586.

Deagan, Kathleen (Editor)
1985 The Archaeology of Sixteenth Century St. Augustine. The Florida Anthropologist (Special issue) 38:6-33.

A collection of articles summarizing the results of archaeology in sixteenth century St. Augustine sites up to 1985.

Lyon, Eugene
1992 Richer than we thought: the material culture of sixteenth century St. Augustine. El Escribano. Volume 29 pp. 1-117. St. Augustine: the St. Augustine Historical Society.

Lists of personal goods compiled from wills as well as from shipping records are presented and discussed.

Manucy, Albert
1997 Sixteenth century St. Augustine: The people and their homes. Gainesville: University Press of Florida and the St. Augustine Historical Society.

A charmingly illustrated and written book about St. Augustine, its people and its architecture at ca. 1580.

Reitz, Elizabeth J., and C. Margaret Scarry
1985 Reconstructing historic subsistence with an example from sixteenth century Spanish Florida. The Society for Historical Archaeology Special Publication No. 3.

An archeological reconstruction of the diet, foodways and environmental resources of the sixteenth century colonists of St. Augustine.