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General Overviews

Arana, Luis
1999 Defenses and Defenders of St. Augustine, compliled and edited by Jean P. Waterbury. El Escribano. Volume 36. St. Augustine: St. Augustine Historical Society.

A collection of 19 excellent papers by military historian Luis Arana, covering all aspects of St. Augustine’s military and defenses from the sixteenth century through the end of the First Spanish period.

Deagan, Kathleen (ed)
1991 America 's Ancient City: Spanish St. Augustine 1565-1763. Volume 25 of the Spanish Borderlands Sourcebooks (David H. Thomas, General Editor). New York: Garland Press.

A compilation of hard to find but important reprinted publications on St. Augustine’s Spanish period history and archaeology

Waterbury, Jean (ed.)
1984 The Oldest City; St. Augustine , Saga of Survival : The St. Augustine Historical Society.

A popular treatment by multiple scholars of St. Augustine’s history from pre-Spanish times through statehood

Gordon, Elspeth
2002 Florida’s Colonial Architectural Heritage. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

A meticulous, richly-illustrated study of colonial architecture in St. Augustine and its cultural implications