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The Catholic Church and Missions in St. Augustine

Gannon, Michael V.
1965 The Cross in the Sand: The Early Catholic Church in Florida, 1513-1870. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

A classic study of the Catholic church and the mission system in Florida.

Hann, John
1996 A history of the Timucua Indians and Missions. Gainesville: University Press of Florida

A very detailed account of the Timucua Indians under Christianity.

Kapitske, Robert
2001 Religion, power and politics in colonial St. Augustine. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

A scholarly but lively account of the religious life of St. Augustine- including both secular clergy and member of orders. It addresses the political tensions and power relations within the religious community, as well as those between the religious community and the government.

McEwan, Bonnie (Editor)
1993 The Spanish Missions of La Florida. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

A collection of papers summarizing archaeological work on the missions of St. Augustine and throughout Florida.