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The following resources include only a few of the many scholarly works that have been written on these topics. We have chosen those you see here because they are relatively recent (or have continued as enduring classics), because they are published in easily accessible formats, and they are generally non-technical in their presentation. These sources will also lead you to many more popular and scholarly publications on these topics.

Most of these resources can be found through your public library. Other useful sites for locating many of these readings include the University Press of Florida and the St. Augustine Historical Society.

For a more complete list of archaeological sources, including unpublished MA and Ph.D. theses, you can go to the Historical Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

General Overviews
On the native inhabitants of St. Augustine
A complete set of Jacques Le Moyne's engravings of Timucua life
On the establishment of Spanish Florida
On St. Augustine during the 16th century
Life and death in seventeenth century St. Augustine
The Catholic Church and Missions in St. Augustine
On life during the "Castillo Years"
On Fort Mose
On the British period and the Minorcans
On St. Augustine's Second Spanish Period
On the black residents of St. Augustine after the first Spanish period
On the origins of the Seminole People
On Early Statehood