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#FlaglerWorks is our promise to each student. We promise to not only make our coursework and curriculum applicable to real world scenarios, but we promise to work hard to keep tuition one of the lowest in the state while preparing and placing you in the workforce.

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Academic Calendar
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Faculty and Staff:

Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Donald K. Parks, Dean
  • Admissions Counselors (850) 201-8070
  • Ms. Shawnique Branch, Assistant Registrar
  • Ms. Marisa Falk, Coordinator of Recruitment & Marketing
  • Mrs. Ranzie Johnson, Secretary of Business and Accounting Program
  • Ms. Emily Micik, Assistant Director of Admissions & Marketing
  • Mrs. Janet Roddenberry, Assistant Director of Student Accounts
  • Ms. Linda Smith, College Secretary
  • Ms. Annette Young, Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Mr. Preston Yutzey, Assistant Director of Academic Services/HR
  • Mrs. Mary Pat Zacker, Administrative Assistant, Education Program

Academic Chairs

  • Dr. Melanie Jensen, Associate Professor, Chair Elementary Education Department
  • Mr. Anthony Carro, Assistant Professor, Chair Business Administration and Accounting Departments


Business Administration
  • Mr. Anthony A. Carro, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Brian Cornforth, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Robert Garner, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Kathleen T. Masterson, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. John Meis, Associate Professor
  • Mr. Frank Trombino, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Kimberly Bianco, Visiting Professor
  • Dr. Richard Leonard, Associate Professor
Elementary Education
  • Dr. Susan Chaviano, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. John Meis, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Susan Strauss, Professor
  • Mrs. Susan Martelli, Coordinator of Clinical Education
  • Ms. Anna Burnley, Visiting Professor