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Faculty and Staff:

Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Donald K. Parks, Dean
  • Admissions Counselors (850) 201-8070
  • Ms. Shawnique Branch, Assistant Registrar
  • Ms. Marisa Falk, Coordinator of Recruitment & Marketing
  • Mrs. Ranzie Johnson, Secretary of Business and Accounting Program
  • Ms. Emily Micik, Assistant Director of Admissions & Marketing
  • Mrs. Janet Roddenberry, Assistant Director of Student Accounts
  • Ms. Linda Smith, College Secretary
  • Ms. Annette Young, Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Mr. Preston Yutzey, Assistant Director of Academic Services/HR
  • Mrs. Mary Pat Zacker, Administrative Assistant, Education Program

Academic Chairs

  • Dr. Melanie Jensen, Associate Professor, Chair Elementary Education Department
  • Dr. Richard Leonard, Associate Professor, Chair Business Administration and Accounting Departments


Business Administration
  • Mr. Anthony A. Carro, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Brian Cornforth, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Robert Garner, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Kathleen T. Masterson, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. John Meis, Associate Professor
  • Mr. Frank Trombino, Assistant Professor
Elementary Education
  • Dr. Susan Chaviano, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. John Meis, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Susan Strauss, Professor
  • Mrs. Susan Martelli, Coordinator of Clinical Education