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Joe Saviak: Faculty and Staff

Student Testimonial: Emily Youngman

Whether it is the quality of academic programming, the beauty of our campus and setting, or the unparalleled value we afford students and families, Flagler College has been recognized as among the best in the nation.
Dr. Joe Saviak
Associate Professor and Assistant Director of the Public Administration Program


Public Administration

Research, Professional and Creative Activity:

  • Faculty organizer of the 2013, 2010 and 2009 Flagler College Conference for Local Government sponsored by the Public Administration Program
  • Regularly speaks to audiences of academics and administrators on the topics of contracting, public-private partnerships, and strategies for successfully meeting the challenges facing local government in the 21st century
  • Recently published with Dr. Lawrence Martin an article entitled “Public-Private Partnerships Keep Florida On The Move” in the James Madison Institute Journal
  • Currently conducting research for the Florida Department of Transportation on the use of public-private partnerships to meet Florida’s future transportation infrastructure needs

Professional Profile:

Dr. Joe Saviak serves as the Assistant Director of the Public Administration Program at Flagler College.  As the Assistant Director, Dr. Saviak oversees student and faculty recruitment and assists in a wide range of administrative functions to ensure the success of this academic program serving one hundred and seventy students from four dozen different agencies.  He is also an Associate Professor within the program.

He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree both in Political Science from the University of Florida. He earned his law degree from the Florida State University College of Law. He received his Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and his Ph.D. in Public Affairs from the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Saviak teaches a dozen different courses at Flagler College covering a wide range of subjects in public administration and public policy. His students are public sector administrators and professionals who serve in four dozen different local and state government agencies across the Northeast and Central Florida regions.

Prior to teaching at Flagler College, he worked as a senior administrator in local government and brings a real world perspective to the classroom. Twice in his career, he served on senior management teams responsible for overseeing agencies with over 1,000 employees and annual budgets in excess of $100 million.

Over the years, Dr. Saviak has advised numerous elected officials and senior administrators on health care systems, criminal justice policy, transportation systems, and establishing electronic information sharing networks. He is an advocate of evidence-based public policy: does this policy actually work?

Teaching and Related Service:

Courses taught:

  • Management in the Public Sector
  • Grant Writing and Finance Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Administrative Law
  • Public Sector Human Resources Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System
  • Research Methods for Social Sciences
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Juvenile Delinquency