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Douglas Keaton: Faculty and Staff

Student Testimonial: Emily Youngman

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Dr. Douglas Keaton
Assistant Professor


First Year Advisor

Research, Professional and Creative Activity:

  • Published invited book chapter, “Constitution, Identity, and Realization” in The Constitution of Consciousness, S. Miller (ed.)
  • Published “Kim’s Supervenience Argument and the Nature of Total Realizers” in European Journal of Philosophy
  • Published “Two Kinds of Role Property” in Philosophia
  • Received Dissertation Fellowship, The Charles Phelps Taft Research Center (University of Cincinnati)
  • Member, American Philosophical Association
  • Member, Society for Philosophy and Psychology
  • Member, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology


Professional Profile:

Professor Keaton earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati, publishing his dissertation on “Realization and Causal Role-Playing: an Essay on the Mind/Body Problem.” He was awarded an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati and a B.A. in English from Ohio University. His projects engage with current work in the metaphysics of mind and mental causation, as well as with more general problems in metaphysical physicalism. He is also working on related philosophical/scientific issues surrounding Neural Correlates of Consciousness.

Teaching and Related Service:

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethics and Society
  • Existentialism
  • Morality and Fiction
  • Minds and Machines
  • History of Twentieth Century Philosophy
  • Introduction to Philosophy through Movies

Previously taught at:

  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock


More Information:


  • American Philosophical Association
  • Society for Philosophy and Psychology
  • Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology