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Returning to Flagler

Flagler College Study Abroad Program


Summer 2015

Study Abroad Italy
Study Abroad Germany
Study Abroad Cuba
Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Spain


Summer 2014

Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Peru
Study Abroad France


Study Abroad Bloggers

Follow our student bloggers currently studying abroad in Peru.


Welcome back! Listed below there are some helpful campus resources.

Program Evaluation

Your evaluation of the program you attended is very important and helps us provide the highest quality experiences for students. We review the evaluations and use them to make program recommendation. If you are on a program with Flagler faculty, you will be asked to complete an evaluation during the last stage of your trip or course. On other programs, you will most likely be asked to complete an evaluation towards the end of your program.

Transcripts, Grades and Credits

Transcripts from abroad will soon begin to arrive: make you have done everything you need to do to insure the process goes smoothly. Make sure you understand the policies regarding the transfer of grades and credits from abroad--the policies are different for different types of programs. Make sure you have talked to the appropriate offices and advisors and have done the necessary legwork to make your grades count. If you have reviewed the information online and still have questions about how grades or credits work, contact the Registrar Office by (904) 819-6204 or

Be aware, it can take up to 3 months to get grades from abroad.

Counseling and Psychological Services

If you are finding it hard to adjust to life back at Flagler College, consider contacting Counseling and Psychological Services. You can meet with one of their counselors or take advantage of their print and online resources and of the health programs they offer during the semester.

Photo Contest

Be sure to submit your photos from your study-abroad experience in the Annual Fall Photo Competition. You could win a cash prize and/or have your photo used on the Study Abroad website or on our marketing materials. We will announce the contest and the deadline in conjunction with other International Education Week festivities in the middle of the fall semester.