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Application Processes & Dates

  • Faculty Led Study Abroad Application
  • Independent Study Abroad Application

Faculty Led Study Abroad Application

A Faculty Led Study Abroad is a short-term (typically one week to four weeks, though length can vary) travel course that usually integrates experiential learning at the program site (whether domestic or international) with more traditional classroom experiences and assignments. A Study Abroad is designed and led by one or more Flagler faculty members and typically involves about 7 to 30 students, depending on the number of faculty participating in the trip. To participate to a faculty-led trip students should contact the faculty program leader or the Study Abroad Director.

Application Process & Dates

March 15th(The year prior to travel)

Last day to send, electronically, all the appropriate application forms to the Study Abroad Director. Anything submitted after this date will not be reviewed until the Study Abroad Committee reconvenes in the Fall.

September 1st(The year prior to travel)

In order to have a valid study abroad/away program this is the last day to electronically send the application fully documented with all the appropriate forms and signatures. Programs submitted by the date will receive final approval after October 15th.

February 24th

Last day to apply for the Unger Family Scholarship. Packets must be sent to the Study Abroad Office.

March 3rd

Last day to present the GPA to Student Appeals. All the required documents must be sent electronically to the Study Abroad Director.

March 31st

Last day to present the students list. The students do not have the possibly of the GPA appeal. Students added between March 3rd and March 31st must have a GPA over 2.5. It is the program leader’s responsibility to ensure the GPA of a minimum of 2.5 point grade. If the GPA is lower than 2.5, the Study Abroad Director must drop the student from the list and the program leader is directly responsible for any type of reimbursement. 

April 4th

Summer Flagler College tuition must be paid.

April 10th

By this date all the Study Abroad Programs must have an orientation meeting including the SA Director regarding the State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS).

Students must return the application forms (with all the signatures, copy of passport, and proof of insurance with coverage outside the U.S. territory) to their program leader.

By this date the program leader must turn in all the students’ applications to the Study Abroad Office.

Faculty Led Application
Study Abroad GPA Appeal

Independent Study Abroad Application

An Independent Study Abroad can be a component of a semester or course, or it can be a stand-alone, credit-bearing course. In addition, students undertaking a semester-long course can build on field study techniques in local institutions. The semester abroad can be done everywhere in the world, under the travel state warning list guidelines. Student interested should contact the Study Abroad Director for further details.

Application Due Dates

  • Applications for Fall Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by May 31st of the same year.
  • Application for Spring Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by September 30th of the previous year.
  • Applications for Summer Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by January 31st of the same year.

Independent Application
Study Abroad GPA Appeal