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Academic Policy

Flagler College Study Abroad Program


Summer 2015

Study Abroad Italy
Study Abroad Germany
Study Abroad Cuba
Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Spain


Summer 2014

Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Peru
Study Abroad France


Study Abroad Bloggers

Follow our student bloggers currently studying abroad in Peru.


Plan Ahead

With proper planning, you may be able to fulfill major, minor or general educations requirements while abroad.

  • Consult your department: Talk to your academic advisor about your plans, as well as your department chairperson. You will need their approval to study off-campus.
  • Complete a Degree Planner: The Academic Advising has several useful tools including the Four-Year Degree Planner
  • Know what requirements you will fulfill abroad and what you’ll need to complete upon return in order to graduate.

Transfer of Credits

Flagler Approved Semester and Summer Programs

The courses you take abroad will appear on your Flagler transcript as either Flagler courses or as transfer credits, depending on the exact course and program—view the specific program’s academic details for exact information about how the credits will appear for each program. The grades you earn abroad will display on your transcript as letter grades and will be factored into your GPA. Courses must be taken for a grade.

Flagler Faculty Led Programs

The courses are taught by Flagler faculty and are considered Flagler courses. They will appear on your Flagler transcript as letter grades and be factored into your Flagler GPA (unless it is a credit/no credit course).

Non-Flagler Programs

Courses will need to be approved as transfer credits.

Participating in a Program During Your Final Semester

The Office of Study Abroad strongly recommends that students do NOT study abroad on any semester program during their final semester at Flagler—grades from abroad can be quite delayed which can cause difficulties with graduation; semester programs do not necessarily follow the Flagler College academic calendar and students must plan extremely carefully to be certain all requirements will be met. However, students may seek special permission to study abroad during the final semester.