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Spanish Immersion and Andean Culture

Flagler College Study Abroad Program


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Summer 2014

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Program Description

The Program will offer students a chance to spend four weeks living in Cusco, Peru, while obtaining 7 academic credits. Students will study Spanish and take a Flagler College course that will incorporate hands-on community-based development work. Excursions include trips to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. The culmination will be attendance at the Inti Raymi Festival famous reenactment of the Inca’s Sun celebration. The program will run from May 31st to June 29th, 2014.Peru

Peru is located in the heart of Andean South America and has a population of 28 million people. It is a place of outstanding natural and cultural diversity. The Peruvian Andes are home to millions of highland Indians who preserve much of their traditional way of life and still speak the indigenous language of Quechua. Referred to as the "Land of the Incas," Peru is also the undisputed archeological capital of the Americas, and Machu Picchu, its most famous site was recently declared a 7th Wonder of the Word.

This Program is partnered with ECELA School in Cusco, Peru, which will arrange room and board in homestays, classroom facilities for Flagler College courses, all onsite domestic transportation during program, and organization of volunteering projects, Spanish language instruction, as well as cultural and adventure activities while in Cusco.  

"Adventure in the Andes", Flagler Magazine

Additional Program Information

Housing and Food

Accommodations and meals (breakfast & dinner) will be provided by a Peruvian host family. Homestays serve to further enrich the cultural learning experience of the study abroad program, allowing for the intensive development of cross-cultural skills, impromptu language development, and the opportunity to study another culture as a participant-observer. All homestay families are located within 10-20 minutes from the academic facilities, either by walking or public transportation. 

Costs & Fees

The program fee  for this trip is $3,000. Included in this trip:

  • 16 hours of Spanish classes weekly with Peruvian instructors, class materials/books
  • On site orientation
  • Housing with host family (single room, breakfast & dinner)
  • Pick at the airport, internet access, Wi-Fi
  • Salsa dance
  • Weekend excursions, entrance fee to archeological sites

Those items not included in the program costs:

  • Personal spending
  • U.S. Passport fee ($160), airport taxes in Peru (domestic & international $50)
  • Airfare ($800 - $1,200) and airline baggage fees or overweight baggage fee
  • Tuition for Spa 340 Special Topics or ESL 315 (3 cr. =$1,293)

The total estimated cost of the program, which includes everything listed above, is approximately $5,500.

Financial Aid

Students participating in the summer 2014 Study Abroad Peru Program may be eligible for financial aid through Flagler College. Students are encouraged to speak with a Flagler College Financial Aid Director for additional information.

Tentative Program Schedule

Week One

May 31st

  • Dpearture from Orlando International Airport (MCO)

June 1st

  • Arrival in Cuzco/Orientation/Placement with Host Family

June 2nd - 6th

Monday - Friday
  • Morning Classes - Spanish Classes
  • Afternoon (2:00 - 4:00) - SPA 340
  • T/H Volunteering

June 7th - 8th

Saturday - Sunday
  • Field Trip to Ollanyaytambo/Machu Picchu

Week Two

June 9th - June 13th

Monday - Friday
  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Afternoon (2:00 - 4:00): SPA 340
  • T/H Volunteering

June 14th

  • Field Trip: Sacred Valley-Pisac

June 15th

  • Field Trip: Cusco y Surroundings

Week Three

June 16th - June 20th

Monday - Friday
  • Morning Classes: Spanish Classes
  • Afternoon (2:00 - 4:00) - SPA 340
  • T/H Volunteering

June 20th - June 22nd

Friday - Sunday
  • Field Trip: Puno-Titicaca Lake

Week Four

June 23rd - June 28th

Monday - Friday
  • Morning Classes - Spanish Class
  • Afternoon (2:00 - 4:00): SPA 340
  • T/H Volunteering

June 24th

Tuesday (Holiday)
  • Inti Raymi Festival

June 27th

  • Inca Museum

June 29th

  • Departure for Lima/Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Academic Program

All students can take up to 9 credits of coursework during the 4 week program, including 4 credits of intensive Spanish at appropriate level. In addition to Spanish, all students will take 3 credit class course addressing issues related to Peruvian and Latin American culture and society. This course will be taught in Spanish by Flagler College faculty.Costa Rica Excursion

Courses for Summer 2014

SPA 397 (4 Transfer Credits)

Each student takes an intensive Spanish course appropriate to his or her level. Students study Spanish for 16 hours a week in classes with no more than 8 students each. Spanish classes are taught by Peruvian teachers, and the facilities are provided by the ECELA Spanish School, an academic institution located in the historic center of Cusco. Spanish courses will help to enhance communication skills for the students while in Peru, and serve to increase cultural awareness.

SPA 340 Special Topic (3)

It is a seminar course. Readings, lectures, guest speakers and class discussions provide the opportunity to explore the cultural richness of the Hispanic world Peru. Prerequisite: SPA 202

ESL 315 Cross-cultural Communications (3)

This course examines diversity in the sociopolitical, cultural, and linguistic contexts of teaching and learning. A 15- hour practicum required for secondary Social Studies majors excluding English majors. Prerequisite: SPA 397 Required

Volunteering Option

In addition, there will be also a possibility to include a volunteering component involving hands-on community-based development work. Possible projects include orphanage, and providing basic education services in the areas of health and teaching. Students will not only learn about the Andean culture in the classroom, but will have the opportunity to do work in the field. 

Cusco Area Field Trips

The program will incorporate a series of half-day and full-day field trips in the Cusco area and the nearby Sacred Valley. Possible day-long trips include Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Sacsayhuayman; classes will include walking tours to important cultural, economic, and political sites within Cusco.

There will be a weekend long visit of Machu Picchu, the highlight of the program.  

Inti Raymi Festival

In addition students will participate in the annual Inti Raymi Festival to celebrate winter solstice. For more information about the festival, view this video.

Inti Raymi Festival

Inca Watia Oven

Student will also have a possibility to observe Inca watia oven prepared by many families during winter solstice celebration.

Inca Watia Oven