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Bermuda Study Abroad

Flagler College Study Abroad Program


Summer 2015

Study Abroad Italy
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Study Abroad Bermuda
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Summer 2014

Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Peru
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Study Abroad Bloggers

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A Unique Research Experience

Environmental Science minors and/or majors will be able to undertake an unparalleled experience in Bermuda. They will conduct first-hand field work in coral reef and oceanic island ecosystems. Preliminary training in evaluating, practicing and critiquing coral reef and tropical field research methods will occur via distance learning in the week(s) leading up to the study abroad experience. Once in Bermuda, students will engage in a rigorous agenda collecting, interpreting, analyzing and presenting their research findings. They will establish baseline monitoring locations and data on which future student researchers and others can build. Students and faculty will be able to add to existing research efforts in Bermuda (service-learning component). Research topics may include fish population monitoring, coral reef diversity and health, tourism impacts on coral reef ecosystems, etc.

Video of a research dive in the Bahamas