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Study Abroad - Up Close with Pope Francis, Rome, Italy

Media and Communications of Austalia

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Program Description

The study abroad short course is designed to educate students in the best teaching environment there is...the real world! This short course is designed to be an experiential study to supplement classroom understanding. Learning will be encouraged through the following mediums:

  • Australia cultural and eco-tourism site visits
  • On-location presentations by local experts such as educators and tourism operators with the opportunity to present questions
  • Exposure to Australia culture, customs, and heritage on a daily basis
  • Cultural immersion and self-sufficiency through promotion of activities such as 'uplanned dining' or 'local cuisine cooking' opportunities
  • Unscheduled time to explore Australian culture on a personal level


Course Description

COM 340 is an upper-division communication study online and abroad course that will provide students with an opportunity to examine Media and Culture in Australia from a multi-faceted perspective. During the away portion of the class, we will visit a variety of companies and sites in this location.

Expected Learning Outcomes

This course will provide learning for the student through the travel itinerary, lectures, and outside reading.

  • Discuss the significance of mass media in contemporary Australian society.
  • Identify the unique cultural elements in Australian Media.
  • Identify the key role the media play in shaping and organizing culture in Australia.
  • Analyze the relationships between Australian and American media.