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Study Abroad: Bermuda

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Study Abroad - Bermuda

Program Description

Marine Biology

This course will focus on the biology of the marine environment. Emphasis will be on tropical marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, sea grass beds, mangroves, and the newly explored deep sea habitats. Course time will also be devoted to the conservation of the inhabitants and diverse ecosystems that include the symbiotic relationships and food webs that support these species-rich natural communities. The add-on 1 credit field extension is offered as part of the study abroad program and utilizes scuba and/or snorkeling for exploring the undersea world.

Field extension

This study abroad opportunity in Bermuda will connect students face to face with the marine biology that they will learn about in this course. For one week the students will spend upwards of 8-10 hours per day getting acquainted with the marine environment. Field work, performed via snorkeling or scuba, will include coral reef habitat surveys, fish counts, fish and coral identifications, coral disease/health estimates, and parrotfish behavior analysis. Students will be required to choose an area of research, design protocols, collect and analyze data, and report findings in both written and oral format. Students will be evaluated based on creativity of chosen research project, thoroughness in data collection and interpretation, completeness of written research paper, and delivery of research findings to peers and faculty.

Program Information

Program Leaders:

Jessica Veenstra
Jessica Veenstra
Assistant Professor
Natural Sciences
Ed McGinley
Ed McGinley
Assistant Professor
Natural Sciences


Natural Sciences

Program Location:
Online – Distance Learning
Field extension will be conducted in Bermuda

Course Title:
NAS 203 Marine Biology 3 credits (Online) and/or*
NAS 203 Marine Biology 1 credit (Field Extension Study Abroad in Bermuda)

07/05/15 - 07/11/15

Credit Hours:

Eligibility Requirements/Prerequisites:
NAS 104 or NAS 111, NAS 203

Estimated Student Enrollment:

Estimated Cost:


Expected Learning Outcomes

A student who satisfactorily completes this course will:

  • Gain a firm understanding of marine ecosystems, including coral reef, estuaries, and the deep seas.
  • Be trained to identify different species of reef corals, fishes, and other important ocean inhabitants.
  • Appreciate the diversity of organisms that inhabit the shallow ocean regions, especially the coral reefs.
  • Understand the pressures that Humans are exerting on the marine environment through fishing practices, development, tourism, and pollution.


Subject to change with regard to specific topic sequences and duration.

Day 1

Travel to Bermuda

Day 2

Orientation & half day snorkeling


Day 3

Classroom: Coral reef habitats
Field: Coral Diversity, Health & Disease Assessment (Snorkeling)
Evening data analysis

Day 4

Classroom: Fish communities and symbiosis
Field: Fish surveys (Areas surrounding BAMZ, possibly snorkeling)
Evening data analysis

Day 5

Classroom: Mangrove habitats
Field: Tropical terrestrial and mangrove ecosystems. (Kayak)
Evening data analysis

Day 6

Classroom: Deep sea habitats
Field: Fish behavior (Snorkeling and aquarium comparison)
Evening data analysis

Day 7

Field: ½ day student choice research topic (snorkeling or terrestrial)
Presentations, reflections, dinner celebration

Day 8

Return to St. Augustine