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Parent FAQs

Flagler College Study Abroad Program


Summer 2015

Study Abroad Italy
Study Abroad Germany
Study Abroad Cuba
Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Spain


Summer 2014

Study Abroad Bermuda
Study Abroad Peru
Study Abroad France


Study Abroad Bloggers

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What study abroad opportunities are available for my student?

Flagler offers several excellent semester opportunities through our Flagler affiliate programs—destinations range from Tokyo to Dublin, and the programs themselves offer a range of options from a focus on an international internship, to language intensive coursework, to full integration at a foreign university. Flagler also currently offers one summer program focused on Spanish language and culture. Each year Flagler students can also choose from an incredible array of short-term Faculty Led courses led by Flagler faculty during the spring break and summer. These courses vary widely in location and academic content, but are always a unique and exciting academic-travel experience.

Which programs are best suited for my son/daughter?

Encourage him/her to consider and identify his or her goals for study abroad. Help him/her to discuss or reflect on his or her preferences and level of independence. Study Abroad should challenge students to venture out of their comfort zones, but if they are pushed too far too quickly, the experience may end up being more negative than positive.

I am concerned about my son/daughter's safety. What can I do to keep him/her safe?

It is natural for a parent to be concerned about their child's safety, but worrying too much can be equally burdensome. The most important thing for the parent to do is to be supportive of the decision to study abroad and encourage the student to take heed to all recommendations given in the pre-departure orientation and pre-departure guide. The Office of Study Abroad receive email updates from all the US Embassies/Consulates from around the world and monitor State Department travel warnings issued for particular destinations. There are some steps you can take to assist us in keeping your student safe:

  • Make sure to keep a copy of the first few pages of your child's passport and of the pages that include that country's visa. This will be important should he/she lose his/her passport.
  • Keep a ready list of all contact information.
  • Make sure you have prepared adequately so that your student has access to funds while abroad, especially in case of emergency.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to learn about the country he or she will be traveling to—books, films, websites, and music are all wonderful sources that can introduce a student to the host culture.

Can I travel with my son/daughter or visit them while abroad?

The Office of Study Abroad has no problem with family and/or friends traveling to visit the student abroad during a semester or longer summer program, but you will need to consider the program length, academic demands, and planned activities and excursions. Typically, family members would not be able to visit during a short-term or Faculty led program. Visitors cannot stay in program housing or participate in program-sponsored activities and excursions.

I am concerned about money. How much money should I send with my son/daughter?

Make sure your son/daughter knows his or her own limits and have discussed the budget and spending plans with you or anyone who will be providing funding or assistance. Before he or she leaves for the trip create a budget, and take the exchange rate into consideration when setting this budget. It may help to commit to only spending a certain amount of money per day. Save any important receipts, and remember that your son/daughter will want to purchase souvenirs and travel on holidays/weekends, so factor that into the budget. Students can often get student discounts by using a student ID or an International Student ID Card (abbreviated as an ISIC card). Most students travel while they are abroad, and you can definitely be a budget traveler. Youth hostels are inexpensive and these days have reviews posted online so you can compare prices and amenities.

Other questions or concernes?

Contact the Office of Study Abroad if you would like to speak with us directly about traveling abroad or our travel programs.

Barbara Ottaviani-Jones
1st Floor Wiley Hall
(904) 826-8603