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The Season of September

by Justina Calgiano

You cast across the muddied green
of the midday ocean,
Arms poised,
brow wrinkled in determination

Imitating the white-caps,
You thunder towards me
when the ocean gives us patience,
When she stalls her billowing hurtles
at our bobbing heads

Your sunburned back,
So hot and briny to the tongue
is a starless night
compared to my pallor,
Stained with marks from the accusing sun

I dip my head into the water
and watch you flex the tendons of your face,
Reeling in the greens


Under the outside faucet,
I will kiss the curve of your jaw
And charge the valving ocean with
All the while,
the salt of our 3 p.m. tryst
slips to your feet
and settles in a puddle,

Between Us