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Maintaining Financial Aid

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Financial Aid recipients are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be eligible for financial aid. Satisfactory Academic Progress is comprised of three elements: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), Maximum Academic Terms of Eligibility, and Minimum Percentage of Work Completed Per Academic Year.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to review specific Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements and maintain them. This information can be found in the College Catalog, under Academic Requirements for Continuation.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

Students will be eligible for financial aid as long as they maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as outlined in the College Catalog. Some forms of aid have different CGPA requirements and are outlined below.

Types of Aid
CGPA Requirements
Florida Student Assistance Grant2.0
Florida Resident Access Grant2.0
Jose Marti Scholarship3.0
Florida Merit Scholarship2.75
Vocational Gold Seal Scholarship2.75
Florida Academic Scholars Scholarship3.0
Florida Top Scholars Scholarship3.0
Florida Minority Teacher Education Scholarship2.5

Other Exceptions

The Florida Student Assistance Grant and the Florida Resident Access Grant, a one-year grace period is allowed if the CGPA falls below 2.0. For the Florida Academic Scholars and the Florida Top Scholars Scholarships, if the required 3.0 CGPA is not attained, these scholarships can be converted to the Florida Merit Scholarship if the student has at least a CGPA of 2.75.

Maximum Academic Terms of Eligibility

A student is eligible to receive need-based financial aid for a maximum of 10 semesters of attendance. Attendance at all post-secondary schools is counted. The Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) is an exception. It is available for only nine semesters. Awards not based on need are normally available for a maximum of eight semesters. The Florida Resident Access Grant is available for nine semesters. The Vocational Gold Seal Scholarship is available for only 90 credit hours, after which it is converted to the Florida Merit Scholarship. The Florida Academic Scholars and Florida Merit Scholarship are available for a maximum of 132 credit hours. The Chappie James Scholarship is available for only four semesters.

Minimum Percentage of Work Completed

A student is expected to have completed a minimum number of semester hours at the end of each academic year. Please review the specific Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements under Academic Requirements for Continuation which apply to all Federal Financial Aid programs. Generally speaking, the following schedule indicates the number of semester hours which must be successfully completed.

Academic Years Completed
Minimum Hours Required

If a student fails to accumulate the required number of hours at the end of any academic year, on appeal he/she may be given one calendar year grace period to make up the shortage. Only one grace period is allowed during the five academic year period.


A student has the right to appeal the denial of aid under this policy.  For more information on the appeal procedures, contact the Financial Aid Office at or (904) 819-6225