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Notification of Financial Aid Awards

Award Letter

Before a financial aid award letter can be prepared, new freshman and transfer students must be admitted by the Admissions Office and continuing students must have their grades recorded from the previous spring semester. 

The award letter will indicate all items of financial aid of which the Office of Financial Aid is aware at the time. If additional aid is received later, this could have an effect on the aid already awarded.

In some instances an award item will be marked as tentative or pending. This usually means that the Office of Financial Aid is awaiting confirmation from the source of the award, or awaiting some action on the student's part. This situation is particularly true in the cases of awards sponsored by the State of Florida and private source scholarships.

Note: A Financial Aid Award Letter is a Notice of Expected Aid and is NOT a Contractual Obligation. All awards are subject to corrections and revisions in the event of human error, changes in a student’s eligibility, revisions to awards by the State, the Federal Government or the Institution or other circumstances.

Loans, Scholarships and Work-Study on the Award Letter

Students who are awarded (offered) a Stafford Loan (Subsidized or Unsubsidized) must submit additional loan documents. The fact that a student indicates his/her acceptance of the loan is not sufficient. If a student is awarded a loan, an additional loan application may be required.

Students who are awarded (offered) a Perkins Loan must contact the Business Services Office when they arrive on campus to complete the required paperwork and sign a promissory note.

If a student is a dependent student, his/her parents may be eligible for a Parent Loan (PLUS). PLUS Loans are not awarded (offered)  until an actual application is received at the Office of Financial Aid.

Parent PLUS Loan Application

If a student is awarded a campus job for the first time, a job application will be provided. To confirm the desire to work, the student must submit this application to the Office of Financial Aid. The student will be notified of his/her specific work assignment when he/she arrives on campus to begin classes.

If a student informs the Office of Financial Aid about a private source scholarship, it will be indicated on the student's award letter, but is tentative until official confirmation is received from the source of the scholarship.

Crediting the Student Account

Except for earnings from a campus job, each item of confirmed financial aid will be credited directly to the student's account in the Business Services Office. Tentative/ pending awards are not formally credited to a student's account; however, in some cases, the Business Services Office may allow tentative credit when the student pays the bill. This is particularly true in the case of loans when a student has applied for a loan, but the actual disbursement has not been received.

If the aggregate total of a student's confirmed financial aid exceeds the Business Services Office charges, the student can receive a refund for the excess amount. Refunds are not made when the excess balance is created by tentative/pending awards. If a student is eligible for a refund, that student should contact the Business Services Office for instructions.