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Benefits of the OneAccount

The FlaglerOne Program is geared to help college students learn the value of smart banking.  It is a great introductory checking account with no monthly fees and with a OneAccount, there are no minimum balance requirements and no minimum deposit requirements.  It also features mobile banking, cash back rewards and the Money 101-Financial Toolkit.

For those students who will receive a financial aid refund or who will be apart of the work study program, money can be deposited directly into you OneAccount or into your current checking or savings account. 

Using the Flagler OneCard

The OneAccount is a FDIC insured free checking account where there are no monthly fees associated with normal use. Many commercial banks offer free checking as long as you meet certain criteria such as maintaining a minimum balance every month, or having at least one direct deposit scheduled every month.
There are some banking services offered by Higher One that do carry a fee. These are rarely used services that most banks charge fees for.

View the Higher One Fee Schedule

To avoid paying fees and use your Flagler OneCard free, just do the following:

Just "Swipe and Sign" For Fee-Free Debit MasterCard® Purchases

When using your Flagler OneCard to make purchases, always choose "credit" instead of "debit" at the checkout. Swipe the card and sign the receipt. When you swipe & sign, you won't be charged the PIN-based transaction fee.

Use Free ATM Machines

You can use your Flagler OneCard to withdraw cash from our conveniently located ATM machine in Ponce Hall, or from one of the two that are located on our Tallahassee campus. You can withdraw cash for free and avoid any "foreign" ATM fees.

No More Stamps

Set up automatic debit payments through Debit MasterCard® using your Flagler OneCard and you'll save money on checks and postage when paying recurring bills such as cell phone, cable, utilities and more.

More about recurring Debit MasterCard® payments