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Faces and Places of St. AugustineI am new at Flagler College. I am new in my position. However, I am not new to St. Augustine, the wedding industry here or the excitement of a St. Augustine bride-to-be. I, too, was married here in our magical city we call home. Now, I get to help brides make their fairy tale wedding a reality by hosting them and their guests at Flagler College’s spectacular venues as part of the Ponce de Leon Weddings program.  Nowhere else in town can you experience the grandeur of the Gilded Age quite like you can here. And if we’re talking about the splendid windows, nowhere else in the WORLD can you be in the same room with the largest in-tact collection of Tiffany stained-glass! Brides, if you’re looking for a memorable venue that no one would soon forget, this is the place for you!...Click here to read more.

Whitney Shaffer, Ponce de Leon Weddings and Special Events CoordinatorEver since I was a little girl I’ve been borderline obsessed with weddings. Whether it was the gorgeous dresses, the breath taking venues, the vibrant colors, the lush flowers or the beautiful people, I couldn’t get enough. Like many young girls, I was always planning my own wedding. Of course, I had roughly 20 different weddings playing out in my head – each bigger than the next.  I couldn’t wait until it was my time to start planning.

However, unlike most childhood girls, I was less interested in finding my Prince Charming and more interested in what flowers would be in my bouquet or what color table linens would look best for a garden wedding. I was so fascinated by all the intricate details that went into the planning....Click here to read more.