In my day to day life I don’t wear a lot of color. I opt for staple pieces in neutral colors – blacks, whites, tans, creams – and then accent with a single splash of color. However, when it comes to weddings, I view color a little differently. I love seeing fun, vibrant color everywhere with small subtleties of neutrals. My favorite color combinations tend to change with the trends, but right now these are my top five favorites:

5. Sage & Lavender

Sage & Lavender
Although sage and lavender are both still very natural colors, I still think they can be fun. They complement each other well. I adore the cake with the rosemary on it.

4. Yellow & Gray

Yellow & Gray
I have loved this color combination for quite some time. It’s classic yet still adds some fun with the bursts of yellow. I can’t get enough of yellow crespedias (aka Billy Balls) in flowers right now. 

3. Khaki & White

Khaki & White
Okay, so maybe this isn’t extremely colorful, but think of the fun ways you can add some color. I love the added green in the bouquets!

2. Peach & Mint

Peach & Mint
For as long as I can remember, mint has been one of my very favorite colors. I love the “shabby chic” feel of these two colors together. It’s so feminine.

1. Blush & Gold

Blush & Gold
This is my absolute FAVORITE color combo right now. It’s so elegant but also adds a little bit of glam. I recently saw centerpieces that had gold dipped magnolia leaves in them and couldn’t stop drooling.

As I said, my tastes tend to change with the trends, but I think these will stick for a while. What are your favorite color combinations?

- Whitney