Kate GardinerThe key to having gorgeous, Pintrest-pinable portraits of you and honey is time and planning. Most of my couples choose to get married in St. Augustine because of its history or because of fond memories they have as a kid coming to the Ancient City on a field trip or with their family. They remember the red tiled buildings, the Bridge of Lions, the Castillo de San Marcos and the horse drawn carriages. 
So here are a couple of tips to think about when booking your venue and planning out your wedding time line so that you can make the most of the city:

Choose a venue that has lots of background options in a very close proximity. 

The cocktail hour frequently becomes the only time there is to photograph you with your family but also your bride and groom portraits. We love Flagler College because regardless of the size of your wedding and within steps of your ceremony, there are at least 15 options for completely different settings.
Choose a venue that has lots of background options in a very close proximity

Check the sunset time for your wedding date. 

The ideal time to start your ceremony is at least an hour and a half before the sun sets. Remember the sunset time listed on most websites is for when the sun ball drops below the horizon and is gone, NOT for the golden sunlight that makes for the Pinterest worthy portraits. So if the published time for your wedding day is 5:30pm, your ceremony should be no later than 4pm. 
Check the sunset time for your wedding date

Consider doing a “First Look” before the ceremony. 

This involves the bride and groom having a moment to unveil themselves to each other before they walk down the aisle and to get their portraits done before the ceremony. This also gives you and your photographer the time to walk or drive to different locations in the city before your ceremony. It truly is the way to go if you have a large family photo list that will eat up that cocktail hour. Also because this means you have to be ready at least an hour and a half before your ceremony, couples who opt to do this rarely run late.
Consider doing a “First Look” before the ceremony

Think about scheduling a bigger break in between your ceremony and reception. 

If seeing each other before the ceremony doesn’t appeal to you, scheduling an extra hour opens all sorts of opportunities for photo fun with your bridal party. The photo session becomes part of the activities of your wedding day instead of a rushed list of photos to get through. You can send your guests on a trolley ride tour of the city for an hour then have them arrive in time to have a leisurely cocktail hour.