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Everything Speaks Checklist

The Everything Speaks Checklist is a tool that transforms everything speaks from being merely a philosophy to being an organization-wide practice.

Regardless of how you structure your organization's Everything Speaks Checklist, here are a few suggestions for getting the most from the tool:

  • Put together a team (or several teams) to create the checklist(s). Having employees involved in creating the checklists increases buy-in and gets members of the team focusing on the details of the physical environment.
  • Train all team members on the Everything Speaks Checklist--its use as well as its purpose. As you walk the area during the training, define what qualifies as Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.
  • The Everything Speaks Checklist should be completed everyday. Doing the checklist every day dramatically accelerates inculturation of the everything speaks philosophy. Doing it every date also brings a level of accountability to the process that isn't possible when done infrequently.
  • Responsibility for completing the checklist should be rotated amongst all staff members, including each member of the management team. Such a rotation demonstrates that everyone is responsible for the environment and helps everyone develop an eye for detail. Again, a large physical environment will require checklist for individual areas, completed by those responsible for the appropriate area. Once up and running, a checklist should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Any item checked as unsatisfactory must have an action noted in the appropriate section of the form.
  • Completed checklists should be reviewed regularly for any trends that may appear.

Download the Everything Speaks Checklist

Service Mapping

Service Mapping is a tool that not only reinforces the lens of the customer mindset; it is also a tool for making organizational processes more customer-friendly.

Download the Service Mapping Tool

Dr. Abare's Service Excellence Speech

Watch Dr. Abare presents the Service Excellence Standards to Flagler College.

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* The Everything Speaks Checklist and Service Mapping Tool are copyrighted by Teri Yanovitch. Text used on this page is from Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service by Teri Yanovitch.