Hello everyone. My name is Blake Pridgen. I’m the Web Services Librarian at the Proctor Library and I have been working for Flagler College since January of 2007. This is the first of what we on the Service Excellent Team (SET) hope will be many blog posts over the years as we describe our efforts to create a culture of service excellence at Flagler College.

The SET was formed in April of 2009 by Dr. Abare. Initially the team was composed of one person from almost every office on campus. The idea was that members of SET would work together to identify ways of improving the service culture at Flagler College. By having almost all offices represented on the SET, we would be able to learn from each other what service processes work and which ones don’t. We would then be able to take back to our individual offices the feedback received from these team meetings.

The ultimate goal of the SET is to increase the quality of service provided to our students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors. Improving the service culture at Flagler College will make people feel they are part of a caring, supportive environment.

Part of the reason for this blog’s creation is to spread awareness about the SET and its initiatives. Communication hasn’t been our strong point, but we intend to change that. Since 2009 we have played a role in the following achievements:

  • Maintaining open offices across campus during the lunch hour of 12:00 to 1:00
  • The annual “Day of Welcome” event for new and returning students
  • The State of the College address given to all employees by Dr. Abare in August 2013
  • Professional development classes targeted at improved leadership skills, writing skills, and service skills
  • An employee survey that identified areas in which service improvements can be made

This is not a comprehensive list. There are more initiatives that we are behind and still developing, but this list should give an idea of what we have been up to.

In the coming months my colleagues on the SET will also be sharing their thoughts through this blog.  I will also continue to contribute. At the Proctor Library we have written a a major part of our Annual Plan around service excellence. I plan to share the Library’s progress as we develop and implement these objectives during this academic year.