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Marketing & Communications Services

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Help Us Tell the Flagler College Story

Marketing and communications services fall under the College Relations Division and includes both the Office of New and Information and the Office of Marketing Communications. These offices handle brand identity and marketing communications as well as distribution of news connected to the College – the award-winning Flagler College Magazine, media releases, the FlaglerNet portion of the website, the Gargoyle and mass e-mails.

It's our mission to spread news about Flagler College and the outstanding students, faculty and staff who make up the Flagler Family. So please send us news of your professional accomplishments, stories of outstanding students and alumni, or even ideas for upcoming events and new merchandise. We need your help, because together, we all tell the Flagler College story.

The Office of College Relations, which handles campus events — such as the Forum and Community Lecture Series, formal receptions, the New Year’s Eve Ball — and Flagler's Legacy, which handles merchandise and historic tours, are also part of the College Relations Division.


If you are planning to produce a publication or publicize an event or achievement, we can consult with you to determine the right marketing strategy for your audience. This section of FlaglerNet has a wealth of information that you can use for branding, marketing and event promotion.

Media Relations/Press Releases

Flagler College’s Office of News and Information aims to share important information about the College with the campus community and anyone curious about Flagler College. Some of our responsibilities include:

  • Producing an award-winning alumni magazine
  • Advising a college newspaper that's been a finalist for the Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award
  • Helping members of the media find college-related news, statistics, photographs, expert sources and more
  • Providing timely and compelling news about student, faculty and staff achievements through press releases and other media
  • Promoting cultural programs, lectures and other educational events offered at the college

Members of the media and general public:

We are here to answer questions and direct you to the people, publications and other resources that can best serve you. Our job is to provide you with open and timely communication.

Please explore the rest of our web site to learn more about the college, and contact our staff members with any questions.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni:

We want people to get involved with Flagler College – to think, talk, write, join clubs and attend events. We try to highlight the people, places and happenings that make our campus unique. Creating a broader awareness of the college’s progress and achievements benefits every person who teaches, works or studies here.

You can help us do this in several ways.

Tell us your stories

Do you have a friend who is doing something amazing with her degree? Are you working on a groundbreaking project or taking a special trip? We are always looking for inspiring ideas that can be expressed through articles, videos, blogs and more.

Consult us

Whenever possible, speak with us before responding to questions from the media. The Public Information Office should be aware of interviews so we can provide additional resources to reporters and stay updated on media coverage. Journalists work on tight deadlines, however, and they often need you to get back to them within hours or minutes.

Give good interviews

When you do speak with reporters, know they typically need quotes that sum up a lot of information in an interesting way. Think about what you would want to say about a topic if you were given just one sentence or 15 seconds to express it. Remember that nothing you say to a reporter is anonymous or “off the record” unless he/she agrees to those terms beforehand.

With that said, relax. Journalism aims to capture the more interesting parts of life as they happen. Elaborate, prepared statements feel forced and probably won’t make it onto the page or screen. Be real -- and call us if you have questions.

Have a story idea?

Contact Brian Thompson, Director of News and Information.