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Senior Portfolio 2010

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B.F.A. and B.A. Senior Portfolio Exhibition 2010
December 9 – 12, 2010

Please join us for an evening of art, music, food and drink at Flagler College’s B.F.A. and B.A. Senior Portfolio exhibition at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum. The exhibition will include new works by the following four graduating Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates, and twelve Bachelor of Art students in a multitude of mediums. Musical entertainment will be provided by nickcommoditie, Terri Gamble, Andrew Virga and Super Famicon.

Mandy Alabanza will present a sculpture entitled “The Talking Pod,” as well as drawings on paper. The installation is comprised of a large hand-made pod that hangs from the ceiling, with chairs underneath that visitors are invited to sit on. With their heads inside the intimate space of the pod, the participants are immersed in a warm glow from holes she has poked in the surface with rice kernels, in order to let light from the outside in. The safe, “womb-like” environment she has created contrasts with a voyeuristic element. While the rice helps to create the safe haven for those inside, the artist has also included peepholes that allow those outside the pod to gaze in, eliciting feelings of both comfort and anxiety.

Alison Murphy will present sculpture and works on paper based on her childhood experiences and memories. The watercolors are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations but have a nightmarish twist: a gingerbread house without doors or windows or a carved, high back chair with a bleeding leg. The artist makes silicon molds to create sculptures out of chocolate. Her chosen medium plays into an idea that she explores in much of her work: perfection is fleeting. She claims that by “attempting to hold onto something perfect, be it an emotion or an object, you often end up destroying the perfection in question, either physically or in its essence.” For Murphy, chocolate embodies this notion because she sees it as a “universal good, but within the frame of time, only. If you try to hold it too long, it melts. Preserve it by canning or freezing, the flavor or texture will change, and thus no longer be that which you wished to preserve to begin with.”

Christine McGrath will present several videos and along with photography. Her videos are a compilation of random images and scenes that the artist finds visually interesting or beautiful. McGrath arranges the imagery based on colors and sounds, much like an artist would compose a two dimensional work of art. This imagery is infused with symbolism that the artist uses to build a narrative. The end result is a sort of stream of consciousness put to film. Though the artist’s imprint is present in the entire body of work, the images she utilizes are slightly obscured in order to invite further interpretation, and to elicit a sense of “vulnerability, mystery and anxiety.”

Matt Ricer will present sculptural works that are performative in nature. His pieces come with instructions, urging the audience to actively participate. He invites the viewer to “break” a sculpture, or cut into one of his canvases. The artist’s aim is “to create a playful and absurd atmosphere in which participants can communally and individually develop a unique and evanescent experience. Touch the artwork. Drop pretenses. Have fun. Lighten up.”

In addition, works in a variety of media will be on view by graduating B.A. students: Paige Broadbent, Carly Campbell, Benjamin Enzfelder, Amelia Gartley, Anna Johanson, Jennifer Jordan, Kimberly Kambiss-Smith, Taylor Loughlin, Gabrielle Luna, Alexander Ray, Rachelle Terry, and Emerald Wilkins.

2010 Senior Portfolio Show